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Geri's Portfolio


Gourds are a hard shelled fruit in the same family as squash, pumpkins and melons.  Gourds have been around for centuries, used for both utilitarian purposes and creative appeals.

My gourd art incorporates one or more of following:  Carving, pyrography, (wood burning), painting in oils, watercolors, pencils, acrylics, leather and stamper dyes.  Weaving, beads, and other embellishments are sometimes used. 

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Gourd Art 

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Gourd Masks

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My Masks are gourds cut in half, as I occasionally do with  gourds to hang on the wall, other than a mask. As with my gourd vessels, each one is a combination of carving and/or pyrography, and painting in different choices of mediums. Some masks have turquoise inlay, beads and all my masks are backed with a suede cloth and ready for hanging. They are all adorned with different species of feathers from Peacock to Quail which finish off the Mask with the perfect touch.

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The ceramics I do are all from greenware pieces that I design, carve and paint. Each is an original design. Every piece I've entered into a ceramic show has won a blue ribbon. Some shown on the Ceramics page.

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My Urns are made from the top of a bottle gourd, and also from Kettle and Pear shape gourds. I've designed three different Urns to choose from. The design can also be changed to your specific desires. Colors can also be changed. No matter what the choice, each will be completely original, plus the shape of one Urn is never exactly like another.

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I love doing portraits of people and pets. It's what I did when I started my art career too many years ago to count. 

Portraits can be done of yourself, your loved ones and your pets. 

If you have any desire in this area please get in touch with me and we can work out the details.

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Floral Paintings

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I really enjoy the personality and colors of all the different flowers. I paint them in almost an abstract way. The oils are done on a large edged canvas so they can be hung with or without a frame. 

I would enjoy talking to you about doing one for you, or you might choose one of the florals on the floral page. 

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Geri accepts commissioned projects and invites you to contact her for all of your custom art needs. 

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Commissioned Art

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Commissioned Art Orders Welcome  Gourd Art Classes Available in Arizona


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