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Color her world bright... People are a way of life for artist Geri Wood. 'I'm a people painter,' she said. One look at her oil, and pastel paintings and one can easily see that she enjoys her work and people."  -Marlin Hansen, Writer (Top

"I have had the distinct pleasure of WATCHING Geri do her magic on a simple gourd, turning it into a beautiful work of art. It just AMAZES me to see the diversity of design, technique and colors that are birthed in her imagination. And NOW I am a proud owner of one of her gourd creations! It is a featured decoration in my home, and always draws attention and conversation. I am so PROUD to own a Geri Gittings original, and find delight in it each and every day!"  -Myrl Parr (Top

"Geri's motto is the greatest thing to do in one's life is to do something to outlive it." (Top

"Geri is striving to do just that. Geri's talent and creativity in so many different medias amaze me. I have become a fan and collector of many of her pieces."  -A Collector (Top)

"Geri has the incredible ability to work in several mediums. Her ability to translate an image, whether from a picture or from the concept of a client, to an oil or ceramic is marvelous."  -Joanna Conde, Client (Top)

"I have seen portraits of pets that Geri has done in the past. Her ability to capture the personality and a certain look that "Molly" gives us is so special. Long after Molly is gone we will have this wonderful portrait to treasure. Thank you Geri!"  -Beth Hollingworth (Top)

"...they were, as I said, speechless. Ellie said how beautiful your work was, and so detailed. Every line in their faces, the color of their eyes and hair; they both marveled at it."  -Lory Thomas, client (excerpt from a letter written by Lory who commissioned an oil portrait of her sister Ellie and her new husband, who reunited and married after 60 decades apart.) (Top)

"I am awed and inspired by Geri's beautiful artwork and her eye for detail. I am both a client and have worked with Geri on her website, which has provided me an insider view of her kind spirit and her incredible artistic talent!" -John Pete (Tucker, Our Town Gourd(Top)

"I so love how Geri really caught who my "Maggie" really is! Her coloring, the head tilt! It will be a very cherished art piece for years to come." -Kimberly (Maggie(Top)


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